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Research Focus

Our research activities include these four focus areas:

  Cybercrime in Security in eGovernment and eSociety (SeGeS)  

SeGeS is a replication of security in government and society represented in an electronic or a digital environment. In cybercrime, research will focus on the digital forensic process and cybercrime prevention technologies. The topics that are covered in this research area include: Digital forensics, Fraud management systems, Intrusion prevention and access control.

  CyberSociety in SeGes  

In the cybersociety area, research will focus on systems, models and/or architectures that enable an eSociety to function, and prevent aspects that threaten to limit the usability of technological solutions. Topics in this research area include: Trust management and reputation systems, Economics and psychology of security, Communication Systems for the Next Generation and Security Culture.

  Law and Ethics in SeGes  

The primary focus of the work in this category concentrates on securing and building an access control for a wiki-type environment. This will also involve exploring the ethical nature of relevant issues and the implications that certain technologies may have on the law. The topics covered here include: Information privacy and Impact of new laws and draft bills on security technology within SeGeS.

  SeGes and Globalisation  

Given the diverse society that we are part of where security technologies are implemented according to certain rights and laws. Privacy notions are also interpreted differently across countries and continents. This research area will consider how such technologies should be sensitive in a local context and yet be able to learn from international practices. Topics in this area include: Security knowledge transfer, Global impact on local security technology and SeGeS impact on local communities.

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